All about the 2nd Amendment

Hello, I'm Gerry and I've been studying the 2nd Amendment and Gun Rights for more than 10 years.

Im hoping my experience and knowledge will help you to better understand our rights and privileges as gun owners here in the US. I cover many topics from gun laws, gun accessories, gun safety for kids, conceal carry and more. I hope you enjoy my blog!


Gun Safety Rules

Accidents happen, but there are a few things that we can do to protect our loved ones. We will simplify those gun safety key points that apply to all of us gun owners.

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The 2nd Amendment Summary

This is a brief summary of the history, and purpose of the 2nd Amendment. In order to understand how it applies to us today, we should know why it was created in the first place.

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2nd Amendment & Gun Control

There is an endless debate on "Gun Control" that has been going on since the 2nd Amendment arrived. We will discuss the details on what this means and how it affects us gun owners.

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